Women of the Wall set up a stand for wrapping Tefillin at a train station. Response from the office of the Minister of Transportation: every citizen is allowed to create a provocation.

Monday morning, 17.2.2020, the Women of the Wall organization set up a a stand for wrapping Tefillin at the Savidor Merkaz train station in Tel Aviv.

A few minutes after setting up, they were asked to leave and contacted the train management and Minister of Transportation MK Betzalel Smotrich (Yamina).
Minister of Transportation Smotrich approved putting the stand back in the train station.

Yochi Rappeport, CEO of Women of the Wall (WOW) said:

“we were excited to find out that the Minister of Transportation was attentive and acted fairly towards the WOW Tefillin wrapping stand. We invite the Minister and the heads of Yamina to come to WOW’s Tefillin wrapping stands and to do this important Mitzvah with us”.

Last week, Rapperport reached out to Minister Smotrich and asked him to approve a WOW stand at the train station after his statement that he would allow for Tefillin wrapping and Judaica stands to be set up in train stations. Their request was not answered.

From the Religious Zionist headquarters of UTJ:

“It seems that the biblical and Halachic considerations are just disappearing-and now a new record-WOW set up a stand in one of the most crowded and busy places in Israel with the explicit permission of a Religious Zionist Minister of Transportation. It is time for Yamina to stop and rethink their course”.

JPW requested a response from Minister Smotrich and were told:

“This never occurred. The Minister is very busy solving Israel’s transportation crisis, getting Israeli citizens out of traffic jams, and giving them good service, and he does not have time to deal with provocations. In a democratic country every citizen has the right to create provocation as long as it is within the framework of the law and does not disturb the public order. The Minister sends condolences to WOW who tried to create a provocation and depended on him cooperating and falling into a trap that would help their PR”.

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