Why does MK Amsalem want to bar us from Knesset committee meetings?

Last Thursday, journalist Israel Cohen revealed on his Twitter account that MK Dudi Amsalem (Likud) had lodged a request with the Knesset Speaker urging him to prevent us – members of Jewish Pluralism Watch – from, to quote the letter, “distributing documents in the Knesset”. This move followed our preparation of a document providing background information for the upcoming discussion on the administration of the holy sites scheduled to take place in the meeting of the Committee on Special National Infrastructure Initiatives and Jewish Religious Services.

Our document touched on the sensitive issue of the urgent need to determine limits for the tenure of the Director of the Holy Sites, most importantly the Western Wall. As standard-bearers of pluralism, we at JPW were unable to leave this letter unanswered and that same evening, drafted our response to the Speaker of the Knesset.

Below you could find both letters.

Amsalem letter
Response to MK Amsalem's letter

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