The Rabbinical Court is attempting to cancel the conversion of a woman because she was in a relationship with a man who was not Jewish. MK Lieberman: We must stop this unacceptable practice of the Rabbinical Court.

Thursday, 7.11.2019, a story was published stating that nine years after a women went through a Halachic conversion process, the Rabbinical Court is attempting to cancel her conversion because she allegedly hid a relationship with a non-Jewish man.

The Rabbinical Judges, Rabbi Eliyahu Ariel Edri, Rabbi Avidan Moshe Schpenyer, and Rabbi Avraham Harush, determined that her Jewishness should be doubted because according to them, she cheated the Rabbinical Court for Conversion by having a relationship with a man who is not Jewish.

Head of Yisrael Beiteinu Avigdor Lieberman:

This morning, we were exposed once more to the manner in which the Chief Rabbinate abuses converts. The demand of the Regional Rabbinical Court of Beersheba to retroactively cancel a military conversion that was done according to law and religion almost a decade ago is fundamentally unacceptable. It doesn’t bear thinking about and creates a reality in which Converts are in a constant state of fear that their status as Jews might be stripped from them. The religious institution uses its power in an unacceptable way and this unworthy occurrence must stop. This is a case that will set a president that can reflect on anyone who has gone through conversion in the past. We must not let this go by and we must stop this unacceptable procedure of the Rabbinical Courts, who behave in a rough and arbitrary way towards entire populations and drive them away from Judaism. I call on Rabbi Lau and on the the Chief Rabbi of the IDF to take a clear stand on this issue and come out against this unacceptable behavior of doubting and attacking military and civil conversions”.

MK Yulia Malinovsky

“If the DNA tests were not enough, now comes the next outrage, I’m simply stunned. The Rabbinical Courts are declaring war on anyone who is not one of thier own. There are tens of thousands more like this girl who’s conversion they are disqualifying. They [the Chief Rabbinate] are simply disconnected from the people, there is no other way to explain it. How, in a minute, can they add to their blacklist of those who cannot be married a girl who was converted nine years ago? To whoever still has a doubt, we must make civil marriage valid now and I expect that the Chief Rabbi and the head of the Great Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Lau, will stop this judgemental activism of the Chief Rabbinate”.