The Finance Committee approved the transfer of NIS 11 billion in a distribution of coalition funds

At the height of the corona crisis, the Knesset’s Finance Committee convened yesterday to approve a unique budget increase over the stuck state budget. The NIS 11 billion budget increase was distributed on the basis of coalition agreements and for the benefit of the needs of the different party members in the coalition. The smaller part of the budget, about NIS 3.5 billion, was earmarked for the Ministry of Defense. The rest, about NIS 7 billion, was distributed to various educational institutions and religious services:

Name of program subject Sum
Ministry for Social Equality Caring for divers communities including the LGBTQ community 17,000,000
Support for religious services The Jewish identity administration 17,000,000
Support for religious services Commemorating Chief Rabbis 3,000,000
Support for religious services Establishment of religious Orthodox institutions 20,000,000
Support for religious services Family purity 1,000,000
Support for religious services Activities of the Jewish identity administration               2,800,000
Support for religious services Ties with the Diaspora 2,000,000
Support for religious services Community Orthodox  rabbis 9,000,000
Support for religious services Halachic counseling and guidance in the field of fertility 2,000,000
Cultural Administration Jewish Renewal 3,000,000
Cultural Administration Caring for divers communities including the LGBTQ community 3,000,000
Cultural Administration Torah Cultural Institutions 1,000,000
Cultural Administration Israeli Shabbat 10,000,000
Cultural Administration supporting community rabbis 500,000
Jewish culture Torah and Jewish culture 24,000,000
Jewish culture Jewish culture 6,000,000
Jewish Culture Minister of Education’s Uri Orbach award for Jewish Culture 1,200,000
Jewish Culture Jewish Culture Learning Institutions Talmud Torah 10,000,000
Jewish Culture Centers for Deepening Education 10,500,000
Jewish Culture Unique Projects 13,800,000
Jewish Culture Informal Jewish educational institution and Studies 14,500,000
Jewish culture Jewish culture, unique projects in local municipalities 2,500,000
Jewish culture Publications, Activities and Acquisitions 10,000,000
Jewish culture Jewish culture, support for Torah classes and culture 22,000,000
Activities and Projects Garinim – National Educational Groups 16,000,000
Ma’ayan HaChinuch HaTorani Basket Budget 17,000,000
Ma’ayan HaChinuch HaTorani Activities – Ma’ayan HaChinuch HaTorani 26,000,000
Ma’ayan HaChinuch HaTorani Youth at Risk activities 13,000,000
Religious Education Administration Service Encouragement 5,500,000
Religious Education Administration Volunteer Project 1,000,000
Religious Education Administration Rabbis in educational institutions 4,000,000
Religious Education Administration Acquisition’s for the Education Administration 9,000,000
Religious Education Administration Rabbi’s hours and informal activity 37,000,000
Religious Education Administration Reinforcement of matriculation exams hours 23,000,000
Terms of service and training Placement of teaching staff 4,000,000
Terms of service and training Seminars 33,000,000
Orthodox educational Institutions  (Mosad Torani) Coordination and liaison 1,500,000
Orthodox educational Institutions  (Mosad Torani) Orthodox educational Institutions  (Mosad Torani), Coordination and liaison 1,500,000
Orthodox educational Institutions  (Mosad Torani) Support of Orthodox educational Institutions 293,000,000
Conversion  Project Strengthening  Jewish identity in the Diaspora through Clarification of Judaism               1,000,000


Total 691,300,000