Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview to 12 News: With the help of G-D we will overcome this pandemic. 12 News anchor Dana Weiss: the answer is at the Weizmann Institute.

Saturday, 21.3.20, Prime Minister MK Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) gave an interview on 12 News to anchor Dana Weiss on the topic of COVID-19. During the interview, PM Netanyahu told citizens of Israel to pray. In addition, PM Netanyahu used the phrase G-D willing and said that G-D willing we will overcome the pandemic.

The PM’s statement caused anchor Dana Weiss to respond saying that the answer is at the Weizmann Institute. Her words caused many reactions, causing her to apologize.

Weiss tweeted an apology saying:

“In the wake of the interview with Netanyahu, I think it is right to clarify what I think is clear– tonight as well, I believe in the right of every person to believe with full faith in what he chooses to believe. My intent was to emphasize the place of Men and Women of Science in the solution to this crisis that is attacking the entire world. I am sorry to whoever was hurt and understood differently”.

Minister of Interior MK Aryeh Deri (Shas) wrote in response:

“It is shocking that on Channel 12 in the state of the Jews, the interviewer Dana Weiss interrupts the Prime Minister who says G-D willing and makes a degrading and scathing comment. This statement joins Weiss’s report from an anonymous “government source” that the Ultra-Orthodox are causing the spread of Corona. Dana Weiss deserves every denouncement of her”.

Minister of Transportation MK Betzalel Smotrich (Yamina) also responded to Weiss:

“The response to the exchange between PM Netanyahu and Dana Weiss about the help of G-D and the Weizmann Institute is simple: […] we do great things, but we get the strength and ability to do them from G-D. We will all pray that G-D gives the Weizmann Institute and the others working on this the strength and wisdom to be good messengers to heal the world“.

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