MK Yael Cohen Paran (Zionist Camp):A “Different Judaism” is not in the mainstream, and our role and our greatest challenge is to bring it to the mainstream

MK Yael Cohen Paran (Zionist Camp) at a meeting with the leaders of the Conservative congregations from the world: "A “Different Judaism” is not in the mainstream, and our role and our greatest challenge is to bring it to the mainstream.”

When Mike Pence visited the Western Wall, I do not know if you heard, they had to separate the women journalists from the men journalists. If there was a joint plaza this would not happen, however the current plaza is not a place where we can bring the vice president of the United States. If there was a joint large and central plaza it might have solved the problem. The internal problems in Israel won’t allow this to happen.

The ultra-Orthodox have a hold on the government and do not let anything like the Western Wall Compromise Agreement materialize. After the freeze of the Agreement of course the subject will not come up again soon. Maybe after the next elections. Israel still sees this as a subject that stands between us and the Diaspora, but not as an internal issue within Israel. Especially not for secular Jews, perhaps only for the Conservative or Reform Jews. Secular Jews will go to the Wall and hold a regular Bar Mitzvah with a division between women and men. They do not see the other possibility
it's still very far from the perception of most Israelis

In general, the coalition has a tendency to bury its head in the sand concerning many things, including the growing gap between Israel and Diaspora Jewry. Only last year the Jewish Agency Board of Governors canceled a meeting with Netanyahu. However, the coalition does not perceive this.

We have to change this in Israel, we must cooperate. Anyone who goes to visit the pluralistic congregations in the US, I hear from secular Knesset members about the option of another type of Jewish life.  This issue is not a mainstream issue, and our job is our biggest challenge to bring it to the mainstream. I am optimistic, or else I would not be here. "

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