MK Ram Shefa in a meeting of the Education, Culture, and Sports Committee: I was surprised to find that the Ministry of Education is not implementing its own directives.

Wednesday, 29.7.20, the Education, Culture, and Sports Committee led by Ram Shefa (Blue and White) held a discussion on the lack of exposure to a variety of Jewish content and content on Jewish renewal in the Education system.
MK Tehila Friedman (Blue and White):

“I am a religious person and I believe that there should be an inclusive variety that gives expression to the rich variety of Israeli society. I was sorry to hear that there are organizations that work in Jewish renewal that are not being accepted in schools. The Torah belongs to everyone and so does Judaism. The thought that we are keeping out people who work in cultural Judaism seems to be a sin to the Judaism that I live by”.

Mk Uzi Dayan (Likud):

“I am in favor of Pluralism but not multiculturalism. In my perception, Judaism is the national cultural identity and I am not in favor of us straying to multiculturalism. The perception should be that our common identity is Judaism. I think that under the title of variety the national guiding line should be that our education is more Jewish and more democratic. I call on the Ministry of Education to be more Jewish and more democratic and anyone who thinks that there is a conflict between the things, Judaism came before democracy and is the base”.

MK Merav Michaeli (Labor):

“For many years in Israel there has been an appropriation of Judaism by the wearers of a certain type of Kipah. They have exclusivity and they will say who is Jewish and who is not. This must end”.

MK Keti Shitrit (Likud):

“I think that we are getting a little confused. We are a Jewish country and we are slowly teaching generations that we are a country of all of its citizens and we are losing our character as a Jewish People”.

Chair of the Committee Ram Shefa (Blue and White) summarized the discussion and said:

“I was surprised to find that the Ministry of Education is not implementing its own directives and I intend to follow up on this subject […]. In the end, we need to ensure that the office is following its directives”.

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