MK Merav Michaeli on a change in Hesder track: Students of the hesder yeshivot are doing VIP service.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020, MK Merav Michaeli (Labor-Gesher-Meretz) responded to the announcement that the service of the soldiers in the hesder program (participants’ service combines traditional army service with studying Torah) will be extended by one month, while their number of recruits will be decreased.
Readers may recall that during the week it was announced that the hesder yeshivot had agreed to the army’s request to extend the active service of the soldiers in the hesder program who serve as part of operational combat units.
MK Merav Michaeli (Labor-Gesher-Meretz):
“Hesder Yeshiva students, who do a short VIP service for one-third of the time that every other soldier does, will give another month of normal service in exchange for a service without women. Now it is clear why the IDF insists on maintaining the purity of the male sex in field units. How can we believe that the IDF will be strong against Hezbollah and Iran if it is defeated by rabbis?”.
The IDF Spokesperson unit said:
“As part of the IDF’s empowerment of fighting forces concept, in its center is the reinforcement of front line operational units (Etrog units concept) in the course of the Tarash Tenufa plan, an examination process has been agreed upon to check the viability of integrating these soldiers in infantry, artillery, and combat engineering”.
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