MK Lapid at an election convention: If we win, I am committed–we will cancel the Supermarket Law and bring back the Kotel Agreement.

Saturday, 29.2.20, Blue and White held an election convention in Tel Aviv at which Yair Lapid gave a speech and promised that a government headed by Blue and White will cancel the Supermarket Law, bring back the Kotel Agreement, fix the Surrogacy Law, and pass a Civil Marriage and public transportation Law.

Chairman of Yesh Atid MK Yair Lapid (Blue and White):

“If we win, I am committed--we will cancel the Supermarket Law, cancel the Jobs Law, cancel the Recommendations law, cancel the Minister without a Portfolio, bring back Core Curriculum, bring back the Kotel Agreement, fix the Nation State Law, fix the Special Education Law, fix the Surrogacy Law, pass the Kalon Law [a law the prevents anyone convicted of certain crimes from being a Minister, Prime Minister, or Mayor], we will pass the Civil Marriage Law and public transport on Shabbat”.

Minister of Transportation MK Betzalel Smotrich (Yamina) responded and wrote:

Religious, traditional, and just other responsible people who still intend to vote for Blue and White– think again. Please. This is not a political matter. They are just going to destroy everything good here, in the country’s Judaism and Zionism. To irresponsibly destroy the delicate social tapestry that has been built here for 70 years. It will be very difficult to fix after the damage”.