MK Idan Roll to the Minister of the Interior: There are Israeli couples stuck in the USA with babies that were born there and they are not allowed to bring them

March 18, 2020, MK Idan Roll (Blue and White) sent a letter to the Minister of the Interior MK Aryeh Deri (Shas) and Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz (Likud) demanding that they allow Israeli same sex couples to reenter the country after they travelled abroad to go through a  process of surrogacy and have not yet registered the newborn as an Israeli citizen.

MK Roll posted on his Facebook, attaching a post from two fathers who were stranded in the USA after travelling there to go through a surrogacy process:

In wake of the Corona crisis tens of Israeli couples with newborns are stuck in the USA and not allowed to bring [the children] to Israel until they resolve their citizenship. It is important to understand that up until the Corona crisis, couples could bring their surrogate children back to Israel with the child’s American passport. The new regulations require that they stay in the USA for an extended period until they get the required authorization. The process of starting a family through surrogacy is complicated and difficult already, and the new regulations turn it into a much more difficult and expensive process. With the worsening global Corona crisis there is no time to waste. I have addressed the appropriate authorities in a request to allow Israeli families to come back into the country immediately“.