MK Horovitz on the adoption agreement signed between Russia and Israel that does not allow adoption by LGBTQ couples: Netanyahu is aligning with Putin’s dangerous homophobia

Wednesday, 22.1.2020, Minister Ze’ev Elkin, who chairs the Russia Israel intergovernmental committee, signed an adoption agreement with Russia after nearly a decade of negotiations. The agreement does not allow LGBTQ couples to adopt children from Russia.

Minister of Environmental protection and Jerusalem and Heritage Elkin:

“In the meeting, many issues of the relationship between the two countries were discussed, among them issues of economic cooperation and the extent of commerce between the countries”.

Head of Mahane Democrati (Democratic Camp) MK Nitzan Horovitz:

Netanyahu is aligning with Putin’s dangerous homophobia. The adoption agreement with Russia spits in the face of the LGBTQ community. After Netanyahu’s government banned the LGBTQ community from making a family by adoption or surrogacy in Israel, Netanyahu is alighning with Putin’s LGBTQ phobia and once more crushing the basic rights of hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens, members of the LGBTQ community. Proud families are families. later we will hear him take pride in the community’s equal rights at the UN. This is hypocrisy. The adoption agreement is shameful to Israel“.

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