MK Hertzano in a formal question to the Minister for Religious Affairs: why can’t one bring a torah scroll into the women’s section of the Kotel?

Wednesday, 11.8.20, MK Yorai Lahav-Hertzano (Yesh Atid) asked a formal question in the plenum on the issue of descrimination against women at the Kotel. The question was directed at MInister of REligious Affairs Yaakov Avitan.
MK Hertzano:

“In the men’s section there are close to 200 torah scrolls. In the women’s section there are no scrolls at all and according to the KOtel rules, it is forbidden to bring in a scroll from outside. I would like to ask you:
Why is one not able to bring a torah scroll into the women’s section that does not have any scrolls?
Does this not discriminate against women?”.

Minister of Religious Affairs Avitan answered saying that:

“There were many torah scrolls at the Kotel and so there is no need to bring in any new scrolls. He then went on to say that The tradition of the Kotel is as is set by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in accordance with the traditions of Israel”.

MK Hertzano asked a follow up saying that

“the Kotel does not belong to Orthodox Judaism, but to other streams of Judaism as well. He went on to ask the Minister if he thinks that there is room for every Jew to come to the Kotel and practice his or her Judaism as they see fit, including women who pray with a torah scroll”.

The Minister answered saying that :

“all were welcome to come and pray at the Kotel”.

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