MK Gideon Saar in an interview to the paper “Olam Katan” : there is an urgent need to gather representatives from all of the branches of Judaism and work hard to reach an accord.

Over the course of the weekend, MK saar gave an interview that focused mostly on his decision to challenge PM Netanyahu in primaries for the chairmanship of the Likud party.

Q: You have claimed that you are more traditional than Netanyahu. Today we are in the midst of a complicated struggle over the character of Judaism in Israel, and it is recognizable in a lot of bills and the public discourse. Where do you stand on these issues?

A: “Where I stand on these issues is known. I direct you to read two decisions that I made as Minister of the Interior. decisions about the Shabbat in Tel Aviv. I was attacked because of both of them. No Minister of the Interior including religious ones made these types of decisions before me. […] I think we need a new social agreement among Am Yisrael. […] There is a need today to push to have representatives from all movements in Judaism, and they dont need to be political people, and to work hard to reach such an agreement“.

Q: What is your opinion on everything to do with civil marriage and LGBTQ rights?

A: “I am in favor of marriage according to the Jewish tradition“.