Minister of Health Litzman asks Minister of Education to allow studies to continue in some Ultra Orthodox institutions despite instructions from the Ministry of Health

Sunday, 15.3.20, Walla news published that Minister of Health Litzman turned to PM Benjamin Netanyahu in a request to allow studies to continue in some Ultra-Orthodox institutions despite instructions to close all educational frameworks across the country in response to the Coronavirus.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabat, refused to make a decision, and referred Minister of Health Litzman to Minister of Education Rabbi Rafi Peretz (Yamina).

Minister of Health Litzman’s request was not accepted and most Ultra-Orthodox institutions are closed as instructed.
The Ministry of Health published:

“There are no classes at all in Ultra-Orthodox institutions. In contradiction to what has been published on social media, all Ultra-Orthodox educational institutions will not have studies, anything published that indicates otherwise should be ignored”.

Ignoring instructions, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, a leader in the Ultra-Orthodox Litai community instructed that studies in Yeshivas, Kollels, and other institutions under his authority remain open while taking safety precautions.

Sunday Morning, the Jerusalem Police force arrived at three Ultra-Orthodox institutions that had remained open, in spite instructions from the Ministry of Health. The police threatened to take legal action againstrabbi chaim kanievsky institution leaders and were told by some of them that this was not a decision forced on parents, but that parents willingly brought their children and wanted institutions to remain open.

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