Minister Deri in an interview to Kikar Hashabat: I can’t compromise on things that don’t belong to me. The Holy Sabbath doesn’t belong to me, the Sabbath belongs to the People of Israel

Over the course of the weekend, on 7.12.19, Minister of the Interior MK Aryeh Deri (Shas) gave an interview to the Ultra-Orthodox news site Kikar Hashabat. He touched on compromises on issues of religion and state as a condition to forming a government.

Minister of Interior, Chairman of Shas, MK Deri:

“I will say honestly that I am willing to make many political compromises that pertain to Shas and to the movement, less ministers and less demands. I cannot compromise on things that don’t belong to me, the Holy Sabbath does not belong to me, the Sabbath belongs to the People of Israel. What do you want? For me to take my Kipah off for this? What do you want? Half a year ago, everything was about the draft law, as soon as elections ended there were suddenly 8 conditions, on Friday I heard about new demands. Lieberman wants the interior portfolio and the finance committee portfolio in addition to the defense and immigration absorption portfolios. We need to check why, since 2015, he has done everything to take down the Right-wing government, we need to check why, I don’t know. Nothing personal happened, certainly not on my part. We never agreed on everything. I knew he represented a public, we knew how to find the things that unified us, the representatives in the field, him and I. But, sadly, mostly in the last half year, he has turned us into the punching bag of the Israeli public using terrible incitement. I don’t think he is Antisemitic, he is a proud Jew, he has rights, there is a limit, I won’t say all that I want to”.

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