Education and Activism Department

The Education and Activism Department of Jewish Pluralism Watch offers a variety of programming in order to promote awareness and civic activism around democracy and religious freedom, whether to high schools, gap years, college students, or touring missions. Our seminars and other educational programs are available to Israeli groups as well as to groups and students visiting Israel from abroad. We can conduct educational programming in Hebrew or in English.

Seminars and Knesset Visits

A day in Jerusalem with JPW is a unique experience. We are proud of our flexibility and are willing to work with you to craft an experience custom-tailored to your group, whether that means adjusting to time considerations or focusing on a specific issue of interest.

A typical day with us opens with a background briefing on Israeli democracy, followed by an outdoor walking tour from the Supreme Court to the Knesset. Then, at the Knesset itself, the group meets with Knesset members spanning the political spectrum for deep conversation on the issues. If possible, the group can get a peek of the Knesset plenary in session or a committee in action.

In addition to visiting the Knesset, we have a number of programmatic alternatives that may suit your group, such as:

  • An activism seminar at the Wohl Rose Garden, the prime staging ground for protests adjacent to the Knesset. Participants delve into how a public campaign is created, how to encourage civic involvement, and how to organize a protest and change the public conversation. 
  • A visit to the Israeli Supreme Court, the focal point of law and justice and the institution entrusted with defending the individual whose rights are encroached upon by the state. The visit could include a tour of the court building, and a meeting with lawyers or a justice.
  • Taking the temperature of public opinion at Cinema City, the movie theater and shopping center with a view of Israel’s national institutions. Learn firsthand what Israelis think of various issues facing the Knesset and the Supreme Court with an interactive opinion poll. This option could also incorporate a presentation about politics and activism through the lens of cinematography.

We are happy to brainstorm with you how any of our existing programs could be appropriate for your group, or what new educational content we can develop.