demands centered around issues of religion and state. Gantz said: we are in favor of a wide, liberal unity government.

On Tuesday, 24.9.19, Kan 11’s evening news reported that during negotiations to form a coalition between Likud and Blue and White, held at the beginning of the week, Blue and White raised demands mostly focused on issues of religion and state.

Among the demands put forth by representatives of Blue and White: public transportation on the Sabbath, and passing the draft reform bill that will impact Ultra Orthodox as put forth by the Ministry of Defense to which the Ultra Orthodox parties in the previous Knesset objected.

In addition, it is expected that Blue and White will ask for changes in the Supermarket Law, a law that determines if the Minister of the Interior or local municipalities control what businesses can be open on the Sabbath. Blue and White will ask for a version that would allow businesses to open on the Sabbath. They are also expected to demand legislation that would promote civil marriage.

Head of Blue and White Benny Gantz posted on his Facebook:

Throughout the course of the elections we emphasized that we are in favor of a broad, liberal unity government that will represent all Israeli citizens. The road to this unity goes through meaning, through the things that we promised the public. Blue and White is coming to negotiations with the Likud with an open and willing heart. That being said, it is crucial that everyone knows that we will not give up on our values or on our partners in this journey. The journey is long but at its end I hope it will lead to the formation of a good government that will serve the interests of the State of Israel and of the citizens of Israel above all else”.