The Sal Klita (Absorbtion Basket) Bill (correction–eligibility forYotzim Beshe’ela)

Monday, 22.6.2020, MK Tamar Zandberg submitted a bill that would make Yotzim Beshe’ela (Ultra-Orthodox people who leave the Ultra-Orthodox world) eligible for the same absorption benefits received by New Immigrants to Israel. This to allow them to integrate into Israeli society.
From the bill:
Yotzim Beshe’ela are people who leave the Ultra-Orthodox society for the secular society. They are mostly between 16 and 25 years old, unmarried, and most of them are after Yeshiva studies.

[…] Leaving the Ultra-Orthodox society is a complex personal process, during and after which many of the Yotzim Beshe’ela suffer from gaps in formal education, financial and material shortage and emotional and social difficulties. The State does not provide specific aid to Yotzim Beshe’ela. This situation is in essence a lack of formal recognition of their status. This causes the tools for social advancement that the state grants to other populations, like new immigrants, to be kept from them.