MK Israel Eichler Submits Bill to grant Rabbis immunity

Monday, 27.7.2020, MK Israel Eichler (United Torah Judaism) submitted a bill that would grant Rabbis immunity on issues of freedom of expression.

The law defines Rabbis as anyone who has been ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and states that they would have immunity from legal action based on the publishing of Halachic writings, and any other form of publishing or expressing an opinion on issues pertaining to Judaism.

The bill includes a background section explaining that Rabbis should be able to freely express themselves and that limiting this expression hurts their ability to act as Rabbis. The explanation states that there have been many cases where the State Prosecutor has attempted to “shut the mouths” of many Rabbis in a way that, according to the writers of the bill, is reminiscent of “American Senator Joseph McCarthy, who led a campaign of shutting mouths.”

The bill goes on to say that the State Prosecutor’s actions hurt the democratic nature of the state and turn it into a “Third World Country.”