Minister of transportation Smotrichat an election convention: The Kotel Agreement passed in the Knesset in coordination between the Prime Minister (Netanyahu) and the Ultra Orthodox parties.

This weekend, 27.2.20, Minister Smotrich (Yamina) gave an interview to Ultra-Orthodox press and attacked the Ultra-Orthodox parties for not objecting more strongly to certain changes on issues of religion and state.

Minister Smotrich (Yamina) in an interview to the Kol Chai Forum:

We overturned the Kotel Agreement, the Ultra-Orthodox gave their consent by silence“.

Minister Smotrich (Yamina) at an election conference at the Shuvu Banim Yeshiva in Rehovot:

The Kotel Agreement got through the Knesset in coordination between the Prime MInister (Netanyahu) and the Ultra-Orthodox parties who left the government meeting and let it pass, with the consent of a great Ultra-Orthodox rabbi, in silence. I am looking to succeed, to make hours of busses earlier so that they don’t drive on the Sabbath-slowly and patiently we are doing it much better than them. We are a thousand times better than them at religion and state. They don’t care about anything, it is all cynicism. What have they done with 30 years of their control of the Chief Rabbinate? They have corrupted it, so much blasphemy”.

Chairman of United Torah Judaism MK Moshe Gafni responded:

Betzalel Smotrich is a good guy. The public that keeps Torah and Mitzvot understands that in the political framework created by Smotrich there is no chance he will be able to fulfill his religious worldview“.

The response from the Shas party:

It is a shame that the Minister Betzalel Smotrich endlessly openly flatters Minister Deri and Shas’s people, glorifies their actions--and behind their back speaks foolishly and slanders. This is a pathetic and desperate attempt to gather votes from the Shas movement and pure jealousy”.