What is Jewish Pluralism Watch?

Jewish Pluralism Watch is a civic monitoring organization which tracks Israeli elected officials’ positions, statements, bill proposals, and votes regarding issues of religion and state. JPW also runs educational programming promoting civic activism.

In the past twenty years, we have noticed a growing rift between government policy and the preferences of the Israeli public pertaining to religious pluralism. Although many legislators seem to be oblivious to the change, a sweeping majority of Israelis– spanning the social and political gamut– supports a new approach to the relationship between religion and state in Israel. 

The gap between the public and its elected officials is immense. Some politicians have no clear position on religion and state issues, while others hold firm but largely unpublicized opinions. In either case, the voting public is in need of an effective tool to track its elected officials’ stances and votes. 

At Jewish Pluralism Watch, we are committed to serving Israeli democracy. A healthy democracy is contingent upon accountability and transparency. We promote these civic values by gathering information and disseminating to the public, via the internet, Knesset members’ stances, parliamentary activities, and public statements, as well as a comprehensive voting report on issues of religion and state. 

On our website, each member of the Knesset has a personal page which includes:

Stances and Worldview – The Knesset member’s primary approach to the essential issues pertaining to democracy and religious freedom in Israel. 

Initiatives and Bills – Tracking of legislative proposals initiated by the Knesset member in areas that affect the relationship between religion and state.

Votes – A clear, comprehensive display of votes when relevant bills have made it as far as the Knesset floor.

Communication – Select quotes and key statements regarding religious freedom, whether from print media, online sources, or social media. 

Parliamentary Activity – The Knesset member’s daily political work, including speeches before the plenary, points of order, parliamentary inquiries, and official protocols from committee hearings.

Analysis and Commentary –  A explanation of the Knesset member’s activity, including the implications of bills introduced or supported.

Jewish Pluralism Watch is committed to an ethical code of integrity and transparency. Information will be presented accurately, occasionally accompanied by commentary, but without political distortion or bias.